Beer Knights' Quest Post 6 03 uai

Sir Franz

the virtuoso one from the Hallertau

Hop connoisseur from the hallertau region

Talking to Franz, on the occasion of his becoming a Royal Bavarian Beer Knight:

What does this voting success mean to you?:
It’s an honor! Living near Germanys most famous hop garden, Beer has always meant more to me than just a delicious beverage, and now I feel almost like an ambassador of hoppy truth and joy.

Do we still need knights today or are they fairy tale figures?:
We need ideals to shape our manners, personalities who set a good example with kindness and sincerity – knightly virtues.

The occasion to treat yourself with a König Ludwig Dunkel?:
It does not really require a special occasion, but I like this style best when I want to enjoy a 
special moment all to myself