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Beer Knights' Quest participant markus uai



WE CONGRATULATE WITH A BOW AND MET MARKUS, THE INNOVATIVE CRAFTSMAN FOR A SHORT INTERVIEW: > Proud to become a Royal Bavarian Beer Knight?:: Absolutely, becoming a beer Knight is an adventure of a new dimension. It fills me with pride and joy!  > Your most knightly quality?:: I’m a supporter of constructive ideas and my solution finding spirit believes that we can solve almost everything if we stand together and inspire each other > Your most loved culinary addition to König Ludwig Weissbier is…?:: I’m fond of Asian cuisine, delicious spicy food and Weissbier go great together.

Beer Knights' Quest participant marion uai



WE CONGRATULATE BOWING AND ASK MARION, THE PASSIONATE STYLE-EXPERT IN A SHORT INTERVIEW: > Your first thought, when you were told you had been voted?:: Overwhelming! > Is style a matter of luxury?:: Oh, no - definitely not. It is a matter of attitude and personality. Knowing your own strengths is the best base for appreciating the strengths of others.   >The perfect location to enjoy a Kaltenberg Spezial?:: I think, it rather works like this: Enjoying a Kaltenberg Spezial changes almost any place into a perfect place.

Beer Knights' Quest participant franz uai



WE CONGRATULATE AND BOW BEFORE FRANZ, THE TRUE HOP CONNOISSEUR FOR A SHORT INTERVIEW: > What does this voting success mean to you?:: It’s an honor! Living near Germanys most famous hop garden, Beer has always meant more to me than just a delicious beverage, and now I feel almost like an ambassador of hoppy truth and joy.  > Do we still need knights today or are they fairy tale figures?:: We need ideals to shape our manners, personalities who set a good example with kindness and sincerity – knightly virtues. > The occasion to treat yourself with a König Ludwig Dunkel …?::  It does not really require a special occasion, but I like this style best when I want to enjoy a special moment all to myself

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