Nominated by Sir Franz 

Founded in 2010, the Stadtstorch group and its ensemble stage shows that are like journeys back in time to the events of the near and far region. They make history come alive in an entertaining way and bring interesting and astonishing facts from the past very close to the present. The staged tours each last between 1 ½ and 4 hours and are devoted to topics such as “Nostalgia and Culinary Arts”, “Civic Pride and Pillory Punishments”, “Pure Beer! The Bavarian elixir of life?”, „Geisenfeld’s monastery history – dramatic interplay of Bavarian history” and many more.

Why this project deserves support: 

„To my point of view of a responsible and open minded attitude also includes is that we – especially in this pandemic time – do not lose sight of our roots. Where do we come from? Which important cultural skills have we gained? Knowing this is important and inspiring for the spirit and soul of people. Tradition, craftsmanship and  history are all part of our cultural base. Geisenfeld’s „Stadtstörche” combine all these elements in their tours and productions. A commitment like this is indispensable for our society.“       Sir Franz, the virtuous one from the Hallertau

Direct link to the project:

Film Insights (24 min. version)