Project „Starnberger Tafel e.V.“

Nominated by Dame Marion and Sir Markus

Following the example of the American “Foodbanks” founded in 1993, so called “Tafeln” with regional distribution points now ensure a balance between abundance and scarcity throughout Germany. Since 1998, volunteers have also been active in Starnberg following this model, since 2016 as the official “Starnberger Tafel e.V.” The association works on a voluntary, independent and donation-based basis with currently about 35 volunteers. 

Every Thursday, food from regional sponsors is distributed to people in need in Starnberg. Goods that are taken off the shelves because they are past their best-before date or have faulty labelling. Products that are of perfect quality and fit for consumption, but would still end up in the rubbish. The food bank takes them back to their real purpose: to feed people.

Why this project deserves support: 

 “The Starnberger Tafel impresses me in its idea and implementation: passing on overdue food instead of destroying it, involving the regional shops and businesses as donors. Standing up for others at the distribution market in all weathers. Every Thursday when I see this, it reinforces my belief that every little good deed has its impact!”  Sir Markus, the Inventive One to Berg

“The work of the Starnberger Tafel is particularly close to my heart.  Because it builds a bridge between abundance and need with a sensible, ecological concept and contributes to social fairness.  Donations are always urgently needed, and the active commitment deserves support. Because here, independently and on a voluntary basis, people make themselves strong for fellow human beings in a very direct and close way.“ Dame Marion, the stylish one from Lake Starnberg

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